Why I Can Say What I Want -How To Get Away with It!!

Your all thinking. Sure, more easier said than done. Yeah, but its how you go about things and who you are going about things. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Know, who you are going up against. Sad to say, but society is….how do I put this harshly….you guys are a bunch of bend over bitches!!!! No offense. But it seems society is quick to go “OK I will do it, if it means you are nicer” Why dont you guys start being more dicks??? Let yourself have this presense about you, but not to over bearing you might get fired. But if you are sharp, cold and to the point people will just AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME to leave you alone. Because they know “oh great what a dick”. Wouldn’t you rather have that than a bunch of people irritating you with stupid questions that could be answered by someone else or lets go online and look it up! Shit! Bunch of bend over bitches!! Be sharp and some what mean with SOME of your answers.

Lets say you wanna avoid a co-worker who is up your ass, if you sense that they are WEAK walk over them! Fuck that, stop irrtating yourselfs and grow some mothafuckin BALLS yo!!!!! But nah, your too gotdang afraid of losing your maggot little job. ehh, No joke, i would be too,. but shit, you GOT to learn to show a balance, that you can say what you want (to a point) and still have your job. Pussy’s are the ones that don’t take that chance. So are you a pussy? Or are you a leader? Which is it? I see so many men, that I know personally, makes me fucking laugh, like shit, they are so worried about hair and shit and so on and so forth, they are damn worst than some women!! Anyway, point is, you gotta say what you want in order to get what you need. You want a better life, say it. I want a better life, let whoever needs to know KNOW.


Human beings are so stupid, a lot of people I noticed are very 9-5 focus focus no room to breath fresh air. Work work work. You can work yes obviously to eat and survive but you can LIVE life and have the MAX FUN! People always say to me “get a job” “why dont you do anything like work”

Ahhhhh many misconceptions about me. I make money online and I make quite a bit of good money buying and selling shit. Im a some what small business man online. You got me? LOL. Seriously,  my body is NOT programmed to work 9-5 with OTHER human beings. I do what I want when I want. See where I’m going with this?? IIII BUUUUUYYY AND SELLLLL so I am MY OWN boss. Aint no one bossing me around for a minium wage job,. if your gonna boss me around with that tone we better be dealing with thousands of dollars at hand, at stake. Because if not you can take your ego tripping because you dont have a platform unless your at work, YOU KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT asshole bosses who just LOOOOVE treating people like shit because ahem maybe your having a bad day. Oh no thats never heard of a person in  a bigger position having a bad day. THEY HAVE BAD DAYS ALL THE TIME!!!!
Thats why I decided to cut the idiots outta my life or you are just gonna bring me down!!!!! I aint gonna get broken down for NO ONE, and if so its for sacrifice for someone else, or if it means MORE MONEY FOR ME!! Point is, you want to tell it how it is all the time like me, well you better put yourself in  a good position where you are ALLOWED to say it and not care. When you don’t care that’s the real success’s, because you done everything you have in your power. People say rude things to me like “get a job” because they DONT SEE what I do all the time, and I don’t care, its just funny. Sometimes. Another reason people say “You know you still look like a teenager!! How is that??” You too can look fucking young, but it aint easy. Here’s why I still look like a young-in I GOT NO STRESS!!!!!!!! And the stress I do got is fucking LAUGHABLE, its like OH NO my weed is out!!!!!

Fuck I love life.


Like in the movie “The Boss” those people are an anchor in your life time to cut them loose and sail on!!!!!!!!!!

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