Easy tips and tricks to improve your online security

Your online cyber security is not something that you should take lightly. As the number of people using the internet is increasing the harmful viruses, and hacking techniques are also becoming more and more advanced. The cases of hacking and...

How To Disable Trackbacks And Pings On WordPress

Trackbacks and pingbacks were traditionally supposed to allow blogs notify each other of links. When you write an article and add the link to your friend’s blog, he or she will automatically receive a pingback in the comment moderation queue...

Thanks To These 9 SEO Tips, Prosperity Is At Your Fingertips

Checklists are crucial to success and without them, a website will not experience a graceful takeoff. Entrepreneurs who seek a high level of search engine optimization would do well to heed this lesson. While this checklist of tips won’t...

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MacOS General Preferences

General Preferences in MacOS Sierra

Use General Preferences to customize the overall look and feel of MacOS Sierra. We will do a quick run down of every option in the General Preferences. Appearance Choose the color you want for buttons, menus, and windows. To give the menu bar and...

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