New And Improved Features Of Windows 10

With New And Improved Features Of Windows 10, Microsoft makes life simpler by combining some of the touch and features of Windows 8 with much of what made Windows seven user-friendly. Of course, users will find Windows 10 different from Windows 7 and Windows 8 as it comes with new and exciting features such the upgraded Edge browser, Cortana, privacy controls and much more. Not only is Windows 10 a PC operating system, but it can also run on small tablets and Windows phones. This means that app developers can now build more apps for Windows phones and tablets.

Here are some of the improved features of Windows 10 that you can try out for yourself.

1. Battery saver

With Windows 10 the battery of your laptop can now last for longer.

Windows 10 clamps down on background services and other threads when your battery is running low.

2. Game Mode

Windows 10 allows you to step up performance when playing games. The new gaming panel is Settings is designed to help players gain quick control of the Game bar and the Game DVR.

3. Maps App

Unlike the former Microsoft Maps programs, you can now work offline with the new maps app.

4. Background Scrolling

This feature lets you flutter the mouse cursor over a window and scroll even when the window is not active. You can activate this feature in Settings.

5. Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s slick digital assistant that controls the search functions of Windows 10 operating system. Using text or voice commands, Cortana can help you find a variety of information online and also search your hard drive business network and Onedrive for files that meet specific filters. You can also use it to set reminders and alarms, play music, and add calendar events among other things.

6. Edge Browser

With Windows 10, Microsoft replaces the Internet Explorer with the Edge Browser. The Microsoft Edge is packed with unique features such as an annotation tool, Cortana integration, and a text-only reader mode.

7. Upgraded Command Prompt

Many of the Windows 10 utilities appear similar to those found in Windows 7 and Windows 8. But, you will discover that the Command Prompt has been upgraded allowing users to enable various customizations including word wrap, resizing the window, and a transparent background.

8. OneDrive Integration

Microsoft makes the free cloud storage more fascinating in Windows 10 as it can be used to store files for mobile device and to access files remotely on your PC.

9. Turn Off Notifications

There are many and unnecessary notifications in Windows 10. However, the good news is: you can turn off specific app notifications and actions with ease.

10. Xbox App

The Xbox app allows you to log into your Xbox Live account, stream Xbox One games on your PC. With the Game DVR function, you can also record videos of apps or games.

11. Uninstall Office ads

Are you looking for a way to stop those Office ads from popping up on your desktop? With Windows 10 you can conveniently uninstall office ads.

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