INTERVIEW with Pet of The Year and Frankenhooker: PATTY MULLEN 9 Questions With Patty

Patty Mullen, is one of the biggest gangsters of our time, she is slaying the horror game with her “Scream Queen” title and is above all, just an awesome person. Despite her many accomplishments, she’s really laid back and likes to keep a pretty private life, aside from when she is doing conventions. Patty opens up for the first time on why she “Dissapeared” so long after Frankenhooker was made. She tells us what it was like to work with Kirsten Davis from Sex and the City and shares some story’s of how they slept over night in a room together before the filming of “Doom”. Patty was Pet of the Year (no doubt!), she has a beautiful baby face and now, til this day Patty is more sexier than ever! We had some questions and she answered!!


O: You were quite young when you did Penthouse. The first day of your first photoshoot for them, How nervous were you? As soon as the photographer said “Drop the drape” What were your thoughts?


O: How is it after all these years your body is in fantastic shape? What do you do for fitness to keep your body looking so great? 
And I stay thin naturally! I dont sit still. I just started working out again. That was a new years resolution. Today Jan 8th, but March I should be able to crack walnuts with my butt cheeks!! Would you like a walnut Aurele?

(Me: LOL!!!!!!!!)

O: It seems like you lived a very interesting life Patty, out of all the memory’s who is “Patty Mullen” at the end of the day? Aside from the wig. What are your interests, what would surprise us as fans?
P: I got my cards read by an old Gypsy lady once…. she spread out all the cards she scratched her head she looked at me and said “Your no stick in the mud” I had to laugh.Im just a sucker for Adventure.
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