INTERVIEW with ORIGINAL Black Christmas star Lynne Griffin!

I wanted to get an interview with Lynne Griffin from the OG Black Christmas. Lynne was in the original, the one that inspired THE remake! Lynne is known for her cult classic hits such as Black Christmas, but she has also another long line of acting work that she can add to her resume! Lynne gives us some story’s , recalls memory’s from Black Christmas and gives us some insight on how she met her current husband. Lynne gives all the details! Here you can read this full interview on Oogle! Lynne also talked about her upcoming movie and has some fun answering our questions!

O: What are some of the coolest memory’s you remember filming Black Christmas?

L: Having Bob Clark sitting opposite me as I sat in the rocking chair with the plastic bag over my head while he rocked the chair and threw the cat, Claude onto my lap. Finally they sprayed the bag with catnip so Claude would do the stunt, all the while Bob wad rocking the chair with his foot.

O: Out of all the movies you have done which one is your favorite and why?

L: Strange Brew. Working with Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis the hardest part was trying to keep from laughing at what they were doing while we shot the scenes and then trying to take direction when I had to take them seriously.

O: How did you meet your husband?

We met in San Diego at The Old Globe Theatre when we were cast in the play The Voice of the Prairie by John Olive. For me it was love at first sight and 30 years layer we are still going strong and working together whenever we can.

O: Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses in the horror business? Who is doing it right in your opinion?

L: Eva Green in Penny Dreadful. Peaky Blinders- great series both of them. I guess they are sort of considered horror films but I love all the work of Guillermo del Toro. His latest film The Shape of Water should win the Oscar in my opinion.

O: Curtains is a cult classic. What lead you to that role?

A simple audition although at the time I was working at the Stratford Festival doing Shakespeare so getting to play a stand up comic in the film was fun and challenging

O: Being in acting for years you have a good idea about how the filming industry works would you ever direct a full length movie? If so what type of movie would you direct?

L: I don’t really have the guts to direct a film but I have directed several plays in the theatre and I would love to do more of that.

O:Who is your favorite scream queen?

L: I thought Olivia Hussey was wonderful in Black Christmas especially the moment that her hair was pulled by the stranger on the stairs and when she was cowering in the basement.

O: How do you make marriage for so long? Whats the best advice you could give anyone
About realationship?

L: It helps if you are with someone who shares your interests and craze fory adventure. And always be with someone who makes you laugh and will have long silly conversations with you when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night.

O: Tell us about F451? Any storys from the set you want to share?

L: I was really surrounded by the fire. But the stunt woman stepped in for the full emulation, thank goodness and she was paid the big bucks to do that.

O: What was it like working with Micheal B. Jordon??

L: He was as wonderful to work with. It was a really emotional scene for me and I had to reach deep into the pain to pull it off and he would connect with me and hold my gaze so I could get to that point of perfect emotion every take. And he he very empathetic. I think fans will really be impressed with him in this movie, I was!

O: What can fans expect from your new movie?

L: It is a brand new take on Ray Bradbury’s novel with it set in the very near and present dystopian future. No spoilers!

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