How to Install WordPress on cPanel

How To Install Wordpress

So you’ve heard just how great WordPress is for building a website and you want to learn how to install WordPress. Well, you came to the right place.

WordPress is known for it’s famous 5-minute installation, setting up WordPress for the first time is quite simple.

The first step is downloading WordPress. You can do so from WordPress.org.

Choose one of the two methods to upload WordPress.

(Slow) 1. Download the .zip locally to your computer. Extract the files and manually upload all the files via FTP. (FTP Client Required)

(Fast) 2. Download the tar.gz locally to your computer. Upload the tar.gz file via cPanel File Manager to your public_html folder.

wordpress cpanel file manager upload

Use cPanel File Manager to extract WordPress files.

cpanel file manager extract

Files will be extracted to a folder called “wordpress”. Simply click the folder, click Select All, click Move and move the files back to your public_html.

wordpress cpanel file manager move

You now have successfully uploaded WordPress.

Let’s create a MySQL Database from cPanel. From the default page upon login to cPanel select MySQL Databases.

cpanel default mysql select

Type the database name you would like to use under, Create New Database. Click Create Database and then click the link to go back.

cpanel create new database

Scroll down to MySQL Users and Add New User. Make sure you copy/save the password generated. Click Create User and then click the link to go back.

cpanel mysql create new user

Now scroll down to Add User To Database. Make sure both the User and Database you created in selected from within the drop down field. Click the Add button.

From Manage User Privileges, select ALL PRIVILEGES, scroll down and click Make Changes. Click the link to go back.

cpanel mysql manage user privileges

Now that you have created a MySQL Database, let’s continue with the WordPress install.

Load the website where WordPress was uploaded (example: https://www.wordpress.org)

This is the home stretch, just a few minutes (or seconds) left.

Select your Language (example: English) and click Continue.

This next page is to inform you of what information you need to continue with the install. Click Let’s Go!

Type the MySQL Database information you set before (database name, username, password). Some web hosts have MySQL on the local server so that the default localhost will work. If your host provided you with remote MySQL Database type the URL they provided. Table Prefix by default is wp_. I always change this to something different, yet short (web1_). Click Submit

All right, sparky! You’ve made it through this part of the installation. Click Run the install.

wordpress continue install

Choose the title of your site, choose the username to login (do not use admin), copy the generated password.

wordpress install configure site info

Type your email (for notifications and password recovery).

Search Engine Visibility is your choice. While building a new website, I always select “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

This prevents search engines like Google or Bing from indexing early stages of development. You can always uncheck this box when ready to launch from the WordPress admin ->  Settings -> Reading.

WordPress Install is complete. Enjoy!

wordpress admin panel homepage

If you have any questions or concerns about this guide, please feel free to comment or email me.



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