Donald Trump Is NOT the Anti-Christ!!

So I like looking up conspiracy theories in my spare time for shits and giigles and noticed. A LOT of people believe he is the Anti Christ because of Nastrodamous prediction’s of the “trumpet”. Well, if any of you really think about “the man with the golden hair” blah. It don’t add up! Apparently the third anti Christ is gonna be bad shit crazy. Yeah, I know a lot of people would say Donald is bat shit crazy but not how Nastrodamous is predicting. The third anti Christ is suppose to walk around saying he is basically like JESUS!! I mean hey, lets just damn hope Kayne West dont get it. You get me? The whole Yeezuz thing, I dont get it. Anywas back to my story. I’m allowed to babble this is my time. So listen up lol.


The third anti  Christ is suppose to say “I’m the great Miss-ah!!” if you follow shit, you get it. A world leader in the future named Mabus. I don’t think that says TRUMP I know there’s a theory out there if you turn the letters upside down Trump blah it turns into the word Mabus that’s a little fucking THICK! No Donald does have his temper at times, but he gets what he wants and clearly he does. Because if you look back, sure hes made bad business mistakes. Said some terrible things. Maybe to the point of almost offensive.


But let’s get real here guys. The anti Christ! Holy fuck! Are you losing it? Where are the facts? Also the anti Christ said by Nastrodamous is suppose to be about Killing Virgins and Burning the holy bible in public. I think if Donald did that in this era he would be fired INSTANTLY and his ass knows that! Like shit! He’s a billionaire beyond belief I dont think hes going to risk HIS REPUTATION and his JOB of the country for that. Listen, I’m sticking up for him. For all you fucking know I could be a gotdang Hillary Supporter! But truthfully. It is what it is. And I wanted to really clearly this shit up! Yes, if I say lets clear this shit up its CLEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now. Look up Donald Trump Anti Christ on YouTube quite stupid really. I’m mean to take one bit of information with the golden hair and trumpet words is a little crazy. Nastrodamous spoke French did he not? Well back then those words could be interpreted for anything now. And the lingo if you ask me back than was probably fucked up until they you know, could fix it now? You get it. You know you got it.

But honestly cut the poor fuck a BREAK! I mean he went to Scotland and did amazing work there. Brought THOUSANDS of jobs to small community. Sure a couple HUNDRED were mad. But look at the scale please. Hmmmmm, the country going no where on that side. No jobs. Nothing. Now, because a couple HUNDRED people have to leave and so that THOUSANDS of people could work and feed family’s. And those specific people were talking about how they wanted GROWTH! Holy COW BALLS!!!!!! Can anyone be happy? It seems not. Look at the scale, land going no where, a couple hundred people have to leave or if you want the country to grow and become more rich and more jobs. So what a couple people complained. Shit, I dont care. I mean thousands of people got jobs and shit I know what that’s like how hard it is to get a job. Espically one you LIKE!! Let’s face it, if I had a job I liked, I would be there right now! Probably more than willing to even work over time. But I dont know….I aint in no rush to work or flip burgers, but eh, if I got to I will!! Bills got to get paid somehow! Certainly money aint gonna fall down and be like “OH AURELE this for you because your just the BOMB AS SHIT PERSON IN THE WORLD!” I wish……….I wish I wish! Not really. Wish for what? YEAH! Like that GONE HAPPEN!!!!! Since I’m talking my fucking ear off, I would love to be at a job I liked being at. I was this summer, wow. Great shit, fucking fantastic. I didn’t want to LEAVE. I was willing to work over time. But the last day was kinda rough. But I enjoyed it though. So fucking FUN! Ahhh memorys! But hey, onto bigger and better things. I know it.


Ohh sorry, back to the story….again. Donald is a nice guy, he has a family. I’m not justifying everything he does because he has a family. But there’s some heart there. Yes, he has his hands ready on the botton but who cares. So like I said unless, hes talking about being Jesus. He’s not no ANTI CHRIST!!

Who is Mabus. In world poltics there is someone that WAS in the States named Mabus. Some white dude. But he’s not now. He aint got golden hair bro! He aint burning bibles and he AINT it!! I wonder who will be the Anti Christ will it be in this time?? The lay out of the world war 111 is a far cry from I dont know THE TRUTH!! The third Anti Chris actually should be in the year 2030 or some time after that. I know my shit, I would feed you lies so you got false information to tell yo friends shit no! I like you readers. But I wanna give it ta ya straight! Lets wait and see after Donald wins HIS NEXT ELECTION, and than after that, if he doesn’t say hes Jesus BOOM.  I will be no longer convinved hes the anti Christ. It just doesn’t seem realistic from the prophets and to say Oh Nastrodamous is bullshit. Oh yeah just like 9/11 was bullshit? Yeah, like Hitler was bullshit? Yeah. FACTS PEOPLE!!! Dont be so lazy and search on Youtube for ANSWERS!! Its simple, we just over and over think it to feed our minds of wanting to be entertained and sometimes we as people are afraid of the truth so we cry far from it. You get it.

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