Do You Listen to Other People? Stop Now!!

Personally, I think society is a cookie cutter world we live in. We are impossible as human beings. Constantly wanting and needing something. And what we do get its not enough. How can we get what we want? Without having to ask?

Some are thinking “You make it sound so easy” I don’t make anything sound easy. Cold hard facts are what makes it easy. What I’m getting at is, if you got cold hard facts you cannot go wrong. Make sure you are pre-paired in whatever situation you are in. Turn people’s words around if you have too!

If you want to get what you want, ask. Don’t wait around for someone to hand it to you. And if you gonna get someone to hand it to you than you better have the best skills in life and by that you better be the best hustler in the world in order to get someone to fork over something to you. Unless your a hot woman, than its easy really to get anything you want.

But for us men, we really got to use our brains because unlike women, we don’t have something we can use and abuse to get what we want if you catch my drift. So yeah, the only want to get what you want, is here is clue number ONE. Listen to people’s words, if you have a bad memory forget this whole plan! You don’t got what it takes!! Remember everything. Information is your friend. Sometimes we look for simple situations just to make the day easier. If that means getting the boss off our ass than today was a more than fantastic day!!

I know as much as you CRINGE to hear what your boss has to brag about his kind obnoxious life, and you got to sit there and take every second of it. Now instead of it being painful look at it like a game, the information that ensues out of your bosses mouth listen, pay attention to the things HE LIKES to talk about. You know which stuff he loves to talk about, if he loves sports, then I highly suggest you Google sports or whatever he is into. Why? A little information can go a long way. If you tell him one thing about the scores of last night, boom his mind might so focused on what he likes, he might forget to bitch at you for something so simple and small. A couple mintues out of your day can save you HOURS of head aches down the road. If he likes talking about his wife and kids you find something damn similar to talk about. Make shit up. Do whatever.

I know we all live in a world where we sometimes have to brown nose our way up just to get people off our asses. It sucks it sucks I know. But think about it. Pay attention to people’s words, it will help you, but the important thing is to remember what they say, the important things, the things they love to talk to you about at work. If children and day care is what some like to talk about, talk about your “baby cousins you baby sit that are so adorable, that one makes this cute little face and than throws his spaghetti at his brother and than they made a big mess” I don’t know find some cute bullshit to bullshit your boss about. If your a hustler than you already know! I don’t even need to tell you.


The way to get what you want is easy. We over think it by going how can I use this money to make more money, if I get this job I will get this promotion or whatever your goal is. Lets face it, 9-10 people are working 9-5 jobs, its not rocket science, use the information around you. It is useful, you will thank yourself later, when your boss stops bitching at you for something so stupid like “Why is the crackers on isle 5 3 centimeters away from the right! It needs to be 3 centimeters to the right PERFECTLY!!” You know the crazy ass bosses I’m talking about!! You get it!!

Ask yourself this, if they are so weird to the point of specifics. You got to question there sanity. So manipulate it. Obviously a normal person doesn’t think like that. I think some of you know where I am going with this.  If your boss is bat shit crazy, don’t tell them, don’t get angry. Use it against them. If they are nuts, look around the store and point out something just as stupid as what conveys outta there mouth a minute ago. What I’m getting at is, manipulate them, if they have a wire that is lose, use it. People are probably thinking “Your cruel! Do you hear yourself!”. Yes I do! I do hear myself LOUD AND CLEAR and quite frankly love what I’m saying. If you worked these jobs knowing you work like a slave for pennies just to please assholes, than you got do things to your advantage or people are just going to walk all over you if you appear in the slightest weak!! If people like your boss are weak use it against them. They are weak people, so use it. Find things to distract their little minds!! And if your a woman, as  you know flirting with your boss is your friend.

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