12 Crucial SEO Tips That Will Help Your Website


While choosing the right SEO words in terms of your content is important, you also need to take the time to think about your site and what its purpose is supposed to be. What is your site about and what is your commitment level?

To fully optimize your site for search engines, these 12 basic tips can allow you to reach your full potential. Let’s take a closer look at these helpful pointers.


1. Establish a Primary Topic

Websites cannot be all things to all people. Selecting the primary topic that is most relevant to your message is always in your best interests. Before you select the topic, do your keyword research.

2. Include Keywords In Important Areas

The primary topic keyword should be included in all of the most crucial areas of the site. The title, domain name, tagline, page titles and description must all incorporate the keywords whenever possible.

3. Internal Page Links

If the content management system for your site does not perform this duty automatically, it is your job to intentionally link all of the important pages so that they connect to your homepage.

4. Proper Permalink Structures

An ugly permalink structure is not good for search engine optimization. Utilize a URL structure that includes text and be sure to use keywords within this structure.

5. Remove Anything That Leads To Lags

The time that it takes for your page to load is pivotal, so be sure to remove anything that is non-essential from your page to avoid this common issue.

6. Add Keywords to Images

When you upload an image, you must rename the image so that it includes your keywords. If the image is simply named “123.jpg” and doesn’t include your keywords, this hurts search engine optimization.

7. Provide Relevant Links

A resources page or a blog roll of relevant sites can help immensely. Choose your sites wisely, however, as those who do are able to establish themselves as experts on their chosen topic.

8. Frequent Updates

Static content causes a website to slide down the search engine ranking faster than expected. The more new content you add that is relevant to your audience, the faster you will rise.

9. Make Sure You Are Indexed

While a search engine might be able to find your content and place it in their index, don’t assume that they will do this job for you. Add Google and Yahoo directly if they yet to index your site.

10. Inspire Other Sites To Link To Yours

This is a tip that you do not have very much control over. All you can do is create the best possible content and hope for the best. You can also ask directly, which does work in certain scenarios.

11. Don’t Change Domain Names

When it comes to your search engine ranking, changing your domain name regularly is not recommended. Changing it too often keeps your site from receiving its deserved recognition.

12. Humanize Your Content

No one wants to read or share something that looks like it was written by a robot. Write quality content that offers a personal touch, as opposed to trying to write like a professional novelist.

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